Baby Z + Me

The Simple Baby/Mommy Item List

From my personal experience: these were the most useful items that I had, or had to purchase in a hurry, right from the get go! For Mommy: haaka - I had the first generation and actually ended up buying a second oneMandela Breast Pump - I just had the one side and used the haaka… Continue reading The Simple Baby/Mommy Item List

Miss B/Mrs. Z

10 Useful Gift Ideas for New Moms

1. Hakaa/Lady Bug and Milk Storage Bags *For moms who breastfeed* My hakaa is the most useful present that I got during my on-going baby shower! No drop of milk (liquid gold) is left behind. Since this helps collect so much milk, mama will definitely be in need of more storage bags as well. I… Continue reading 10 Useful Gift Ideas for New Moms