Baby Z + Me

The Simple Baby/Mommy Item List

From my personal experience: these were the most useful items that I had, or had to purchase in a hurry, right from the get go! For Mommy: haaka - I had the first generation and actually ended up buying a second oneMandela Breast Pump - I just had the one side and used the haaka… Continue reading The Simple Baby/Mommy Item List

Baby Z + Me, Life in Quarantine

Dear Noah,

4 months B.N. (Before Noah) I can't wait to formally meet you. You're daddy and I love to feel your movements and talk about what you're going to be like when you grow up. You are already bringing us so much joy and happiness. You're already making us excited and worried. The responsibility of naming… Continue reading Dear Noah,

Baby Z + Me, Life in Quarantine

Hey ladies: Nothing Can Take This Away From Us

Our feelings are valid, but let's be positive! This morning I woke up to my What to Expect app reminding me of the exciting news that I am at the halfway mark! 20 weeks and counting. I scrolled through the email and read some of the conversations happening between all of the other expectant mothers.… Continue reading Hey ladies: Nothing Can Take This Away From Us