Mr. Z + Me

One Year of the Z Family

Our first year of marriage in a glance: January 2020: We're Married/Honeymoonin'February: One year since we got engaged, Brittni turns 30, early maternity leave, COVID is found in Italy.March: aaaaand lockdown begins.April: Easter was celebrated, just the two of us with belly painting. Lockdown continues.May: Babymoon to Greece gets canceled. Boo. Probably sent out thank… Continue reading One Year of the Z Family

Miss B/Mrs. Z

Life’s Beautiful Even The Ugly Parts

Sometimes in life there are these times when you just don't think things could possibly get worse. There are some absolutely terrible times. I remember dealing with heartbreak that hurt so bad I never thought I would get over it, or traumatic times that the thought of them allows negativity to completely take over. Looking… Continue reading Life’s Beautiful Even The Ugly Parts