Miss B/Mrs. Z

Life’s Beautiful Even The Ugly Parts

Sometimes in life there are these times when you just don’t think things could possibly get worse. There are some absolutely terrible times. I remember dealing with heartbreak that hurt so bad I never thought I would get over it, or traumatic times that the thought of them allows negativity to completely take over. Looking back over these times, I have never once wanted to take any of them back.

No matter what the difficulty, or how traumatic the experience, it brought me to where I am today, and where I’m meant to be in my future. Each of these times added a little bit of something to my character, to make me stronger, or more understanding or maybe it just was a lesson to only truly be learned later. I could have NEVER known at the time. All I could do was trust that these situations were put into my life for a reason, and to learn as much as possible from each of them.

When my friends, younger siblings or cousins now go through these heartbreaks or trying times, the advice I give them is to feel all of it. It hurts at the moment, but when you look back you can almost always find a lesson, and always find some beauty that came out of it. Honestly, thinking back on my own past relationships I feel lucky that I cared deeply, and felt so many emotions that impacted me. Sometimes there is beauty in just feeling – no matter if it is positive or negative. It’s part of the beauty of life. It’s beautiful, even when it’s not.

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