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5 Reasons to Host an On-Going Facebook Baby Shower

1 – The obvious, quarantine (coronavirus/covid19)

Who thought about doing so much remotely before our normal lives all changed to this new normal. We are changing how we do just about everything. Work is remote, the gym is now remote – celebrations can be hosted remotely as well. Ladies, our pregnancies are not waiting until this pandemic is over, so let’s make the best of it from wherever we are, with anyone and everyone who wants to party with us! This is a great way to lift your spirits and keep those depressing days at bay. I have had some days where I feel so lonely, but then a baby shower gift arrives, I think of a new fun game, or my family and friends submit their answers to the games already posted.

2 – You’re an expat-mom like me, or just live far away from family

Living in another country makes it difficult, almost impossible, to have celebrations that include everyone that we want there together. Either people can’t participate, or each party needs to be separated. Hosting an online party means that everyone who has a Facebook (or the ability to create a Facebook) can be there. I’d say that this really opens up the possibility for more people to get involved altogether. More people can actually come together even from far away for a common cause: the love for you and your growing little one! I have a family that lives all over Florida, the US, the world, and lots of people are like me. Even if you live in the same country, people still may live far apart from one another. Instead of having to deal with travel or heartache of guests not being able to make it – have a Facebook baby shower!

3 – Finding a date for everyone is really difficult

This is ALWAYS an issue for any event. It is almost impossible to choose a date that works for all of the important people that would like to be a part of this special day. The fact that an ongoing Facebook baby shower is just that – ongoing- means that people can be as involved as they want to be, when they want to be. This can really save on family arguments or having friends feeling left out. You can start the shower as soon as or as late in the pregnancy as you want, and keep it going all the way up until after the baby is born. The party isn’t stuffed into a couple hours but spread out. This way, you and your guests can keep this baby bash going conveniently and continuously!

4 – So many people – a great way for EVERYONE (who has Facebook) to celebrate

A sad truth about hosting a party is the limited guest list. I have a huge family, and friends spread out all over the world. Creating a guest list is always difficult because it’s impossible to invite all of those people to one single event. Finding a location to fit all of those people would be unfeasible and likely costly. A Facebook baby shower means that you can invite EVERYONE who wants to celebrate with you. Love flows from everyone who will be a part of your baby’s life, without limit!

5 – Make international guests feel comfortable

Going to a bilingual event for people who are not bilingual can sometimes be a little uncomfortable. Another great thing about hosting/posting using Facebook is the automatic translation feature where Facebook automatically shows your post in the user’s set language. If you want, you can also make sure to post everything in the two/three or however many languages you speak to make people feel even more included and excited. This is just another way to make all of your many guests feel included in the most anticipated preparation and arrival of your bundle of joy!

So, what are you waiting for?! Here is how to host your own ongoing facebook baby shower.

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