Life in Quarantine, Miss B/Mrs. Z

“Why being really lonely is sometimes super awesome”

Extra cool points if you know which show I got this title from.

We’re in quarantine, in Bergamo, Italy. There is death all around us right now. It’s depressing. Even just taking the dog for a walk and seeing people cross the street to avoid you, or feeling the need cross the street to avoid them is disheartening. I can’t visit my family, they can’t visit me, and I don’t know when we’ll be able to again. It’s a horrible, helpless feeling, but being in quarantine does NOT have to be all gloom and doom. It’s true staying home can be “really lonely” and during this time we can make it “super awesome”… Anyway, let me fix the title for you:

“Why Staying Home is Sometimes Super Awesome”

1 – Catch up on old hobbies, or start some new ones.

Here’s an example: I started this blog 3 years ago… I never had the confidence or time to dedicate to really start it up. My friends are making pasta and trying other new recipes. This is your chance to finish that book you haven’t had time to actually read. Remember that puzzle you bought years ago and left it in the back of that one messy closet? Well, this is your chance!

2 – If you live with family or friends, this is a perfect time to bond with them.

OK, I see that this can sometimes also be a negative, but let’s think positive. You spend all day at school, your kids spend all day at school. The limited-time that you spend with them normally is those hours in the evenings when you’re all already tired, or carrying the stress of the day. Maybe you have to work from home. Now, you have the opportunity to take your breaks with your loved ones, or friends that you chose to live with. Focus on their strong points, lift them up and try not to focus on the parts of them that make you want to pop their heads off. (might be easier said than done)

3 – Relax, but really relax.

You have this opportunity, to catch up on some much-needed rest. If you’re anything like I was in college, I worked full time, went to school full time and partied all the time. Sure it’s fun, but when you are given a reason to stay home, Netflix and chill – there is something so rejuvenating about it. You have this time to stay in without FOMO – since most things are closed, or the fear of getting sick, or passing a virus to your loved ones, enjoy it. The parties will be there when all this passes. If you’re a work-aholic, a break is well deserved. Light some candles, put on a mask, take a bath, a deep breath and actually relax.

4 – For some of you (us), here’s your chance to get your life together.

Once you have cleared your mind and feel all the relaxing vibes, you can appreciate the gift of time. Get a move on those things you’ve been meaning to do to better yourself and your situation. Remember that messy closet? You have been gifted this time to organize it, in turn helping you to feel accomplished and a little less mentally cluttered. Have you been thinking about maybe bettering your career? Sit down and make a plan. Instead of being tired from that rager the night before, you are filled with energy, during the day – make use of it!

5 – Staying home means that you are helping others right now, without having to do literally ANYTHING!

There has never been an easier way to help your community. All you have to do is just stay away from them. You are mitigating risk. Normally to do charity work, it’s just that, work. In this situation you are literally helping those around you by doing absolutely nothing, or using this time to better yourself and your life. Pat yourself on the back for all your charity work that you are doing right from the couch, or the bathtub, or the kitchen, maybe even the back yard. WE CAN DO THIS! A huge thank you to all that are doing their part!

What are some of the activities you are doing while helping others by staying in? If you have kids, what do you find to be helping you enjoy the time together (or survive)?

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