Miss B/Mrs. Z

I’m the richest person in the world & you probably are too.

Self-love is sometimes very tricky and something I often struggle with. On May 12th, 2016, as I was planning my move to Italy, I was in a great headspace. I just found this little journal entry, and I’m posting it here because I want to feel this way every day. I need this reminder, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one.

Currently, I am sitting here on my mattress in a one-bedroom apartment in lake worth, FL surrounded by boxes.

As of right now, when July ends I will be jobless. And I am hands down the richest girl in the entire world, without a doubt. 

I have experiences that have turned into memories. Memories that are more valuable than anything that money could ever buy. The hard work that paid for those experiences, the goals that have been achieved and the dreams that I am currently living out make me more proud than any one material thing I could ever buy. I am rich with experience – experience that no one can take away from me. 

I have the love of a man an ocean away who no matter what, can’t take me on expensive dates or shower me with gifts. He’s an ocean away. What I do get every day is so much more valuable than any amount of money or gift he could buy. He tells me he loves me. He shows me he loves me. He makes time for me. He goes out of his way and works hard for the future we’re planning. He’s patient with me when I break down about the one-bedroom apartment in Lake Worth, FL filled with boxes and the stress of uncertainty. I am so rich with love – love that no one can take away from me.

I have a strength that has stemmed from heartbreak and fears that I have surpassed. Terrible pain and memories that cannot be forgotten, thankfully. Every hardship that stepped into my life made me richer, deeper and more understanding of just how fortunate I truly am when I take a step back. Courage isn’t something you are born with. I am rich with strength – a strength that no one can take away from me. 

I will always be the richest girl in the world. Of this, I am certain, because I am rich with so much that is impossible to take away from me. 

No one can take away your choice to see yourself as the richest person in the world, so why would you choose to see yourself as anything else? Why would anyone choose to be so poor that all they have is money?

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