Baby Z + Me

Telling All the Grandparents About Baby Z

There are so many exciting ways to break the news.

Here’s how we did it.

Given that I see Alberto’s parents every day (I’m spoiled by his mom, which will be an entire post on its own), we told them the very night that we found out. I placed the pregnancy test in a box and wrapped it as an “early Christmas present.” I wrote “Congratulations Grandparents,” under the lid. I was only about 4/5 weeks pregnant, but we just couldn’t wait! As you can see, his mom didn’t quite get it at first and it didn’t quite go as planned. It was still a magical moment!

Noni Zilberti

We wanted to make sure that we told our parents face-to-face which meant waiting until our trip to Florida for Christmas to tell my family. The week of Christmas I was 6 weeks pregnant, so the baby was “the size of a jelly bean” according to my What to Expect app. I wrote out a card for each of them saying, “This week your GRANDCHILD is the size of a jellybean,” and put one Jelly Belly jellybean in the envelope. When I handed them the cards I explained that this was their Christmas present, that Alberto and I had our wedding to worry about so we couldn’t do much, just the tiny present in the envelope. Here are their reactions:

Ralston Grandparents (we had just gotten back to my grandparents’ house after our annual Christmas Eve lunch)
Gerlach Grandparents (my mom was in the middle of remodeling her entire house!)

How did you find out about your grandchild? How did you surprise your parents with the big news?

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